During the grafting of eyelashes, the guest sheds tears.

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In the process of grafting, found that the guests shed tears how to deal with it?

There were a lot of students who asked if they would meet customers in the process of eyelashes.

And how do we, as eyelashes, explain this to our customers and how to deal with it?

Here’s a look at some of the main reasons why customers shed tears:

Reason one: The guest has his own eye disease.

Reason two: some guests have more sensitive eyes, a touch on the tears.

Reason three: in thinking about the problem or think of exciting things, so that the eyeballs have been moving.

Reason four: Because of the telephone and other reasons, the guest suddenly opened 🙄 eyes.

Reason five: eyelashes isolated tape / eye mask did not stick well, touched the eyeball.

Reason 6: Some guests fall asleep, the eyes 👀 will be in a semi-open state.


Guest’s own reasons: before grafting, let the customer fill out the questionnaire into the shop, so that we understand the basic situation.

After understanding the situation, on the one hand, in advance can give customers a preventive shot,

Let her know that her eyes might shed tears,

On the other hand, we can prepare tools in advance, such as blowing utensils, cotton sticks, etc.

Let the eyelash artist also have a psychological preparation, not to go wrong when busy.

Customer movement:

Beauty eyelashes artists know that customers in the process of grafting eyelashes,

It’s easy to get upset or open your eyes because of all sorts of unexpected situations.

So before grafting, you need to explain to the customer,

If there is a 📲, such as the need to open their eyes, you can raise your hand to signal or make a noise to inform, so as not to cause accidents.

Reasons for eyelash artists:

After the tape or eye mask is attached, two things need to be carefully examined.

1) Does the customer feel uncomfortable turning the eyeball back and forth,

2) Check your eyes for gaps.

Precautions for customers to shed tears:

In-store ready blowing utensils, pay attention to air circulation, you can put some light music in the shop🎵.

Let the customer quiet down to relax sleep, sleep, eyes shake will improve a lot!

We can also use Japanese-style glue to carry out upper and lower eyelid isolation, tape isolation of the eyes will be safer than eye membrane isolation.

However, when removing the tape, be sure to use the method we teach to lower the pull force to the weakest.

The guests have shed tears, what to do?

Then you need to wipe it clean with a cotton bat in time, and then blow it dry with a small blow.

After wiping clean will be more convenient to operate, can not let tears blister around the eyes or eyelids,

If you don’t dry it in time, you may bring dry glue to your eyes and cause inflammation.

It is also possible to cause the newly grafted eyelashes to fall off more quickly.

Grafting eyelashes to shed tears can be avoided.

The premise is to communicate with the guests in advance,

Let the guests feel at ease, relax 😊, so that guests understand that a good eyelashes effect is the need for guests and eyelashes to work together.

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