About us

My Baby Tears was founded in 2011, from the procurement of color contact lenses to durable beauty service materials, we will be specially to Japan and South Korea field visits to the factory equipment and production processes, in order to ensure that we do meticulous quality monitoring, to ensure that products meet the world health and safety standards, so that consumers can use and purchase with peace of mind.

My Baby Tears products are designed in packaging and even in a service environment that follows the sweet style that girls love. In addition to providing professional services to our guests, we have established the Enduring Beauty Academy to provide professional knowledge and technical training.

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We are from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia and other parts of the world to study professional durable beauty technology, coupled with unremitting exercise and research, knowledge and technology has reached the world professional level, and access to a number of international certification and become the British Qualifications and Examinations Regulatory Authority under the nuclear training center.

The introduction of exclusive hair thickening technology from Japan, with new pure physics technology for the thickening and extension of hair, but also honored to become the Japan Hair Association’s only overseas accredited branch.


  • Skill 專業技術
  • Service 貼心服務
  • Sanitary 衛生管理
  • Quality 品質保證
  • Style 客制化設計


  • (Professional Enduring Beauty Association Eyelash Mentor License)
  • (Professional Enduring Beauty Association Lasting Beauty License)
  • (Japan Hair Increase Association Mentor's License)
  • (JPMI Japan Enduring Beauty Association Accredited License)
  • (RQ Russian Beauty Training Accreditation License)
  • (OFQUAL Accredited Trainer License)
  • (GBA International Enduring Beauty Association Accreditation License)
  • (IBH Korea Professional Enduring Beauty Accreditation License)
  • (QF Seniority Architecture Embroidery Skills Level 3 Accreditation License)
  • (QF Qualification Architecture Beauty Education and Training Level III Accreditation License)
  • (QF Seniority Architecture Beauty Care Level 3 Accreditation License)
  • Awarded the 'KFDA' standard.
  • Won the 'Japan Ministry of Health and Health' standard, exported to Japan.
  • International standard certification of 'ISO13485'.
  • Awarded the EU 'CE Mark' certification.
  • Awarded the 'Russian Medical Device' registration certification.
  • Awarded the Innovation and Technology Award - Service Innovation Excellence Award.
  • Awarded the Sister Professional Beauty - Outstanding Professional Beauty Salon Certificate of Approval.
  • Awarded the Seniority Structure - Friendly Employer Recognition Program Recognition Certificate.
  • Awarded the VTC Outstanding Enterprise Internship Scholarship Certificate.
  • Awarded the Top Ten Merchants in Hong Kong.
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